Meet the Super Cow | National Geographic

Meet the Super Cow | National Geographic

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Meet the Super Cow | National Geographic Now That's What I Call lean beef
🤮 he said lunch
The meat is probably tough and too lean.
This is the stupidest reporter I've ever watched. He serious asked if the sperm was muscle sperm. Muscle sperm. No need to write that one down. Nope. I'll remember it forever.

....muscle sperm.
Mother cow
We watched this video in biology and they whole class died at 3:38
Selective breeding? Genetics? SMDH 🤦‍♂️

The cow is 100% on roids, but won’t admit, due to his apparel and supplement contracts.
This cow is on hormones
Where is Chicken?
the host is an idiot
R u dumb. If it is a he then it ain't a cow
All a lie they injected that cow with something
Anyone watching this in 2019?
That’s a lotta steak
Let's just say I had to watch this in school today.😶😐
SO EVIL .............
When life gives you rump, make rump roast 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩
That cow was born into a middle class herd in Austria and willed himself to become a worldwide success. Become a perfect physical specimen, move to America, marry a Kennedy and get into politics. What a success story.
Worst job in the world lol

Cow masturbator