Największe krowy świata TOP10

Największe krowy świata TOP10

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Największe krowy świata TOP10 رائع استمر 👍👍👍👍👍😍
What is her food every day..

Änd which product you can use toø grow Or increase the hight .. for your cow...
leave them alone, animals are not yours
wtf, so hearthless
Niby krowa a jednak dzik
Thankyou beautiful wow
Imagine a rodeo Bull that size.
Imagine a 'rib eye', from this big bitch..
Czym takie karmić???
людииииии что вы творитееееееееееееее???????
Can you guys imagine the sizes of the steaks that would come from any of those cows? A 64oz porterhouse anyone, feed the whole family and then some off one steak! Damn it I’m hungry now!
co oznacza Ox?
1. This is no cow!!
1:50 Bates and TitComb(Tit Cum) 😆😆😂
So amazing
why can grew up until 6'3, because the cow play basketball
so where's the cows? all i can see are bulls..
Mmmmmmm steak